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classic. modern. eclectic. vintage. farmhouse.

My love for creating beautiful spaces started when I was working in the entertainment industry behind the scenes in Hollywood. While creating for characters, I realized how important the environment is for the person who lives there. Your space should tell your story. It is a reflection of what you love and when you are surrounded by what you love, you are home. My goal is to help my clients build spaces that are just that.


Since leaving Los Angeles, I have been designing both residential and commercial spaces here in the Hudson Valley. Through my work, I have collected a team of talented craftsmen that focus on delivering a quality finished product. I am a part of the entire process and will work hard to make deadlines and stay on budget. I look forward to creating a space focusing on what matters to you. There is no right way to design. It is about you and what makes you feel at home. I look forward to helping you get there.  let's make it happen. call me.



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